About Mikio Oga

Mikio Oga is the founder and the head instructor of Oga Dojo. He is also the leader of Newaza World, the biggest BJJ association in Japan, whose branches aggregate to about 50 as of 2019. As a Jiu-jitsu practitioner, he has remarkable accomplishments internationally and domestically during his career.


– BSc in Engineering, Kyushu University
– Previous semiconductor development engineer at Kyocera Cooporation
– Acupuncturist

Ranks and Degrees in Martial Arts
BJJ: 4th degree Black-belt
Judo (Kosen Judo, an old-school Newaza Judo): 1st dan Black-belt
Kendo: 1st dan
Karate: 1st dan

Major International Accomplishments
– 2007 IBJJF International Master and Senior, Black Belt Senior 1 Super Feather Champion
– 2007 IBJJF World Championship Black Belt Rooster, 3rd Place
– 2005 IBJJF International Master and Senior, Black Belt Master Light Feather, 2nd Place