Members & Visitors

We welcome non-Japanese speakers and visitors from overseas countries. Some instructors are capable of communicating with you in English and/or Mandarin, and of course, you can learn techniques and enjoy sparring sessions without communicating verbally. A Japanese-English interpreter is available on your first day. Ask us for details.

Residents in Japan can enjoy training with membership, and visitors with Visitor Pass. To apply for membership, please contact us through Inquiry FormVisitors can purchase Visitor Pass with PayPal in advance below on this page, only with cash(JPY) on site. Just come join our class if you have your own gi or you would like to wear your own sports clothes (with neither zip fasteners nor other metal parts). If you’d like to use our free rental uniform service for the one-time trial class, please let us know your height and weight by 8pm on the previous day of your training. If you belong/have belonged to a BJJ/MMA gym, the free rental gi service is not applied. Please bring your own gi.

Rental gis are available for 1,100yen/1 set (w/belt, T-shirt, and towel), and rental T-shirts and ladies’ rash-guard & spats set for 200yen each. Inform us your size and belt-color in advance to ensure the availability.

What we put emphasis on the most is safety in training for all trainers and instructors. We cannot accept those people who don’t take account of their partners’ and opponents’ safety. Possible trainers at our dojo are firmly required to accept this etiquette.

The attribute of martial arts cannot eliminate the possibility of accidents, even with our safety guidelines. Please let us know about your health or travel insurance, in case of emergency.

You can become a member of this dojo on any day of a month. Your first membership fee will be calculated on a per-diem basis and charged on the 27th in the next month.

Required items:
– Initial Membership Fee
– Monthly Fee for the first 2 months (The fee for the first month could be calculated on a per-diem basis.)
– Sports Insurance Fee: 2,000yen for adults, and 1,000yen for middle school students and under (Recommended to join.)
– Student ID (if university students and under)
– Personal seal for your domestic bank account
– Passbook of your domestic bank account

Membership Type Regular Women, Students, & Kids
Initial Membership Fee 9,720 9,720
Monthly Fee for the 1st year 9,720 5,400
Monthly Fee from the 2nd year 8,640 5,400

*All prices are given in Japanese Yen, including 8% consumption tax.

Visitor Pass
Select your visitor pass below depending on your training period.

Visitor Type Regular Women, Students, & Kids
Daily Fee 3,240 3,240
Weekly Fee for the 1st week 5,400 5,400
Weekly Fee for each additional week 1,080 1,080
Monthly Fee 9,720 5,400

*All prices are given in Japanese Yen, including 8% consumption tax.

Visitor Pass with PayPal

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