Overview of Oga Dojo BJJ

Oga Dojo, a BJJ academy, was established by Mikio Oga in 2003.  Mikio Oga is the first Japanese BJJ Black Belt to become an International BJJ Champion.

Mikio Oga has become one of Japan’s most prominent advocates of BJJ, and since the 1990s, he has been actively working to promote BJJ in Japan.

In 1999, he established Newaza World which is a nationwide network of BJJ academies in Japan. Newaza World has also hosted over 60 BJJ tournaments.
Mikio Oga has gained a reputation for his delicate, and thorough instruction of ground techniques. He is also the author of four BJJ technique manuals.

Oga Dojo is open everyday and has daily lessons and sparring sessions, as well as weekend seminars. There are two Oga Dojos, one is located in Chofu in the western part of Tokyo, and the other is located in Chiyoda, in central Tokyo. New members and visitors are always welcome!

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